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Fresh Blood ‘Locked Groove’ article and interview @ Pulse


‘Antwerp-born, Berlin based Locked Groove, real name Tim Van de Meutter, has been popping up seemingly everywhere lately. Tale Of Us can’t seem to get enough of tracks like the forthcoming ‘Maat’ and ‘Enigma,’ and just yesterday George FItzgerald included ‘Enigma’ (out soon on Hotflush Recordings) in his recent FACT mix.

Though it was first Hotflush boss Scuba who noticed Tim’s ability to infuse emotion into even the toughest of places, snatching Van de Meutter up instantly. From there, Tim’s genre skipping sound has wound up on labels like 2020Vision, Permanent Vacation and Hivern Discs, with styles ranging from hip-shaking Chicago infused house to melancholic, dreamlike deeper grooves, and straightforward techno.

Though no matter what the style, his tracks always have one thing in common – soul. Well, that, and the ability to move you. But according to Van de Meutter, that’s one and the same.… read more 


Still going strong, Tim