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WPH vs Feiern ‘Fifth and Final Episode’ @ Boothuis Brauhaus Handelsdok Gent 21 juli


‘No need to be sad, this will be the fifth and final episode of WPH vs Feiern on our national holiday…as we know it…

Aptly called the ‘Quit While We Are Ahead Edition’ we hope that you will once again join us early on Boothuis Brauhaus for what has always been one of our personal summer highlights.
For this last episode the following fine jocks will take care of your soundtrack:

Karawane (Krankenhaus)
Exalt (Mind Warp, Leuven)
Red D (WPH)
Jensen (all around house & disco maestro)
San Soda (WPH)

The party will start at 14h and will go on till midnight. So the earlybird catches ALL the beats.

As always, if the boat is full…wait a bit outside 😉

WPH & Feiern’

Niet alleen is dit de laatste keer ’10 days off’ ook dit concept gooit zijn handdoek in de ring.  Allen daarheen, zou ik zeggen!



WPH vs FEIERN @brauhausboat opnieuw op 21 juli

opnieuw op de nationale feestdag, en de dag voor Tomorrowland lostbarst, is er een feest in de Gentse kanaalzone. (handelsdok) Die avond is er in 10 Days off Richie Hawtin, dus je kan je opwarmen in de boot;-)

‘Some 200+ people who were there last year will remember WPH vs Feiern as one of the highlights of the year. Raw, unique and very very underground. So it’s only logical the Brauhausboat will once again be the scene to celebrate our national holiday on Thursday 21st of July, from 14h in the afternoon till 2h at night. You were not there? Well, just imagine a boat with an open roof (can be closed within a couple of minutes when it starts raining), a big sound system and the rawest house music on the block brought to you by We Play House Recordings and Feiern.
All that 12 hours long for just 5 euro.
The Brauhausboat will be situated at Handelsdok Ghent, some 5 mins walking from the Dampoort roundabout.

Music by:
Triad Laurens (Feiern)
Metrobox (Mobilee, Refused & Revinylized)
Red D (We Play House)
San Soda (We Play House)
And as you can see on the flyer we also have a VERY special guest playing. We’re keeping it a secret for now, just because :p 

But as the event comes near you might get some clues here and there, so stay tuned!!!
WPH & Feiern crew 

WPH vs Feieren – house versus techno

Wij waren er de laatste keer, nu jullie nog 😉

Feiern again, !nieuwe locatie! 11 februari De Taloorkes! Lange Koepoortstraat

“Dear attenders and music lovers,

Since we are having some troubles with the authorities (as usual), we decided we didn’t want to take the risk of a shut-down by the cops or whatever so we are changing the location of the party. we are checking the final options as we speak and will inform everyone tonight about the final location. don’t worry about a cancel, it won’t happen. whatever the location will be, we would like to ensure everybody that the sound & accomodations will be properly handled as always. Apologies for the small inconvenience but rest assured that we wont let this influence the vibe or our motivation to make it an amazing night for everyone that u still don’t want to miss :). make sure u check our group- or event page for the final details and proper road directions, any other information will be shared as soon as we receive it ourself.



hopefully we can welcome all of you tomorrow, the madness SHALL continue!!!”

De nieuwe locatie is de party-kelder van de Taloorkes, Lange Koepoortstraat 61 (verlengde van de melkmarkt) 2000 Antwerpen


Feiern pt. 8 – One nation under a groove – 11/02 – ANDERE LOCATIE!

!! Andere locatie !!



We already have some options so don’t worry about a cancel, it won’t happen 😉 )

Feiern pt. 8 – One nation under a groove – 11/02

FEIERN is kicking off 2011 with a genuine underground house party. Antwerp’s finest dj’s will bring u the best house cuts, from old- to newskool, chicago to berlin, from deep to jacking. the location = industrial 🙂 duvel will be served for the gentleman, cava for the lady’s. Time to Jack In the late 80’s, Chip E told the world it was “Time to Jack.” Jacking was a term coined in Chicago for waist-centric launch and recovery dance of house. The Jack represents the control factor in house dance, manipulating the energy by gathering it on the snare and releasing it on the high hat. It is a playful dance that allows for both bold and discreet movement, in both large and small spaces. The dance uses the entire body, not just the feet. Whether fast or slow, on the floor or in the air, lounge or club, the Jack is the foundation.


Arne & Miyaguy (Sunday Matinee/Separee) Delbaen & Orellana (Mansion soiree’s) Undertone (Feiern) Eklektiker (Feiern) Laurens (Feiern) Ps: there’s no cloakroom available!

11/02/2011 we wachten op een andere locatie

Springbreak Mix van Shmaury

Springbreak van Laurens Mondt (een deel van de dictators)

sunshine en good vibes, rather housie

good job, Laurens

Feiern vs Technoir @Brauhausboat zaterdag 10 april

Technoir vs Feierntechnoir vs feieren

FEIERN 10/04 Technoir/Feiern, Coupé’s & Eklektiker’s birthdaybash on the brand new Technoirboat, attend to the facebookpage for more info about the location. (Limited Capacity – 150ppl, come early, stay late!!!)

Dictators vs. Undertone
Eklektiker vs. Khuram

Tony Coupé
Raf Dbxl





april is technomaand

Een artikel bij de allnighters heeft het over de opkomst van de kleine nieuwe events zoals Feiern, Technoir, Melodé, Resident, Meakusma onder het motto ‘April is de Technomaand’. Alleen April?



‘Onder het motto ‘klein maar fijn’, ontspruiten steeds meer kleinere low budget feestjes. Opvallend daarbij is de terugkeer naar minder toegankelijke underground muziek. Op deze feestjes moet vooral de muziek breed gaan en diep gegraven worden in de platenbakken. De mensen achter de draaitafels zijn niet bekende internationale dj’s maar Belgische dj’s en producers die zeker ook iets bij te dragen hebben op de dansvloer.’ Het artikel is van de hand van Marie Von Julie aka emdje, die instaat voor het Resident feestje in Gent op 3 april op een boot.

nice work emdjee