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Official Aftermovie Lucid Festival 2014

Official Aftermovie Lucid Festival 5 juli 2014 from Lucid festival on Vimeo.

Sunshine House Moonlight Techno !

Edit by Lebak Photography, Filmed by Alban Lebacq, Nick de Vucht and Jeremy Daval.
See you next year!!

Lucid Team



6 years FEIERN feat. Move D (Heidelberg, DE) Antwerpen 25 april @ Brauhausboat


Zes jaar Feiern dat is een feestje dat al lang op jullie agenda had moeten staan: 26 april. Zesde verjaardag op de Brauhausboat in Antwerpen. Op de boot die garant stond voor de vele WPH vs Feiern-feestjes in Gent.

De mensen van Feiern hebben deze keer Move D kunnen strikken!


‘After the memorable Mike Huckaby session at our previous birthday-party, we had to come up with nothing less than last year. We asked another one of our all time favorites, a brilliant producer and remarkable dj who’s been around since the early 90’s, to come to our beloved Antwerp for an extra long dj-set. 

All the way from Heidelberg Germany: David Moufang also known as Move D, who made the 74th installment of Fabric’s mix series.
His discography is long and impressive and holds releases on a broad variety of labels such as Source, Modern Love, Workshop, Smallville, Warp, Running Back, Uzuri and Electric Minds among others, plus collaborations and involvements in projects like Magic Mountain High (w. Juju & Jordash), Reagenz (w. Jonah Sharp), Studio Pankow or Deep Space Orchestra.
Not one to slack off, his live and dj performances have been on par with (if not superior to) his studio work, pulling from all corners of his diverse catalogue in order to create an experience that attacks the hips and head in equal measure.
His releases touch on house conventions but are delivered in his own inimitable style, leaving everyone, from long time fans to the uninitiated, with their jaws on the floor and their hands in the air.

Of course we still care about the local Belgian talent, so we asked Triad from the infamous “Home away from Home” events to warm you up.
Feiern-residents Laurens & Gerrie303 will end the night in style.

It’s only logical the Brauhausboat will host our 6th anniversary on friday 25th of April, from 11pm. untill …
Imagine a boat with an open roof (can be closed within a couple of minutes when it starts raining), a big sound system and the best house music on the block.

More info about location, price, … soon!

Feiern’ sic Feiern @Facebook


Tycho Awake

[Vlek 14] Bepotel ‘Kikkerkelik’

[Vlek 14] Bepotel ‘Kikkerkelik’

R.I.P. Pioneering electronic composer Bernard Parmegiani, 1927-2013

R.I.P. Pioneering electronic composer Bernard Parmegiani, 1927-2013

Highly influential electronic composer Bernard Parmegiani – a key member of Paris’ iconic Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), and a major figure in the development of 20th century electroacoustic music –  has passed away.

more info Facts-magazine

DE:TUNED Pulse festival @ Antwerpen 12 oktober




‘The brand new Antwerp based Pulse Festival teams up with De:tuned for a unique electronic music gathering. After another amazing edition of De:tuned earlier this year, these combined forces will now provide our enthusiastic fans with a full day and night of electronic music history. You can expect quality music brought to you by a fine selection of artists at 2 locations. We are also very proud to announce The Sound of Belgium’s participation in this project.’ 

Join us on this flashback to great moments, an old school trip to a higher space!

The future looks bright, the past is connected.


☀ DAY ☀

PULSE FESTIVAL // ZUIDERPERSHUIS , Timmerwerfstraat 40, Antwerp
History of electronic music festival

► PULSE ROOM [Heartbeat music center]

• STIJN LIVE (Mijn Label, BE)
• MIKE DRED aka The Kosmik Kommando (R&S, Rephlex, Machine Codes, UK)
• TOMAZ (Fuse Replay, Switch, BE)
• STEVE COP (R&S, Fuse, BE)
• HUNGRY SOUL LIVE (2000’n High)
• REDRAY LIVE (2000’n High)
• MENIAC (Technoir)
+ screening THE SOUND OF BELGIUM 2PM -> 5€!!!

► LECTURE ROOM [Educational exchange]
» Experienced guest speakers on various electronic music topics hosted by KONG (22tracks)

• PETER DECUYPERE (I ♥Techno, Fuse, Fill Collins club)
• TOMAZ (Fuse Replay, Switch)
• METROBOX (WPH records)
• PIERRE ELITAIR (Radio Centraal, Radio Ventraal)
+ screening THE SOUND OF BELGIUM 9PM -> 5€!!!

► VINYL ROOM [Gold diggers’ record fair]
» Hosted by the finest record shops, labels & DJ’s
Cyclone // Walhalla // Dekloned // Wool-E Shop // Motorcity Sounds // Music Mania // …

► SYNTH ROOM [Analogue heaven’s gate]
» Hosted by Turnlab –
With interactive presentations of the machines that defined todays electronic sounds.

► EXPOSITION [Explore history]
» KOENIE (Wally’s GrooveWorld) will present his electronic music catalogue.

► OUTDOOR TERRACE [Electronica in all its forms]
» In cooperation with Mayhem
Be ready for oldskool to the bone vinyl mixes

• STAX OF WAX (HIP-HOP) // (Deejay Droppa, Radio Centraal)
• AIME LE CHEVALIER (NEW WAVE) // (Radio Centraal, Walhalla Records)
• INT CLEASTWOOD (DUB) // (Radio Centraal, markt van morgen, Kaaiman)
• JAN TECHNIKS (ACIDHOUSE) // (Radio Centraal, Beatscapes, Jack Playmobil Records)
• JRD (ELECTRO/TECHNO) // (Dutch Resistance, Technoir)
• VINCENT (Chicago HOUSE) // (Mayhem)
• SOSven (Booty Ghettotech) // (Bloody Bastards on Acid)

► ENTRANCE [Warps you back in time]
» These electronic music veteran DJs will immerse you in the very first electronic music ever made. Starting from the era when it was all experimental and new sounds were discovered.

• SNOF (Radio Centraal, 10 days of, Bar Tabac, Kaaiman)
• INT CLEASTWOOD (Radio Centraal, Markt van Morgen, Kaaiman)
• DANIEL (Radio Centraal, Cassis cornuta, Spacecactus )
• SLARIO (Ambientzone, Cyclone Records, Acid Call)

► EXTRA – ☺ The Sound of Belgium screening
» A timeline of Belgian music – Screening 5€
@ 14h00 on Big Screen in the PULSE ROOM (250 pers)
@ 21h00 on screen in the Lecture Room (70pers)



DE:TUNED // PETROL CLUB, D’Herbouvillekaai 25, Antwerp
Official Pulse Festival Afterparty

2 ROOMS // 10 DJs // 2 LIVE ACTS


• HARDFLOOR live (Harthouse, DE)
• MIKE DRED vs ROBERT LEINER (R&S, Rephlex, Machine Codes, De:tuned, UK/SE)
» decks / 303 / drums / fx
• STEVE COP (R&S, Fuse, BE)
• KOENIE (Wally’s Groove World, BE)

» Hosted by The Sound of Belgium –

• OUTLANDER live (R&S, TZ, BE)
• SVEN VAN HEES (Your Lips, Liaisons Dangereuses, Wonka Beats, Global Cuts, BE)
• MO & BENOELIE aka The Glimmers (Eskimo, BE)
• DEG (Fuse, BE)
• ERIC B (Boccaccio, La Rocca, BE)

met andere woorden, eindelijk heeft Antwerpen een waardig electronisch festival, dat ook de geschiedenis van deze muziek belicht. Je hebt trouwens nog eens de kans om TSOB (The Sound Of Belgium) te zien, als je deze nog niet zou gezien hebben.

Ik heb al tickets, nu jullie nog

OohWee @ Superdiezel in Antwerpen vanavond vrijdag 24 juli!

In de Superdiesel is men al een tijdje bezig met een fijne programmatie. De Superdiesel is een ander stuk van de Petrol in Antwerpen en vanavond is er bv. de OohWee @ Superdiezel-avond


ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ Mes (Live) ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱNiet helemaal onverwacht duikt er weer jong talent op in de vaargeul van de Westerschelde. Strakke producties met een mellow UK-feel.ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ Sleeping Lava (Live) ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ

Een oude bekende onder een nieuw pseudoniem. Gutsende analoge synths maar nét iets meer digitaal dan voorheen. Antwerpen wat doe je?

ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ Val Verde ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ

Altijd uptodate & onversneden.
Die Val Gangster maakt je kapot.

ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ Yiannis ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ

Het honkvast stokpaard van ons collectief lepelt u haver in van de bovenste plank. “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity” ∼ Edgar Allan Poe

ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ Farid ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ

Deze Iraanse volbloed is u waarschijnlijk niet onbekend: voordien al te bewonderen op vele feesten in het Antwerpse.

ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ W.C. ᴼᴼᴴᵂᴱᴱ

Ook bekend als White Chocolate. Kiest uit vele verschillende genres de pareltjes uit zodat niemand meer kan stilstaan.

Flyer by Tomás Opiniao

Zoek je dus eens wat anders, een adres