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Daphne Oram documentary ‘Wee Have Also Sound-Houses’

via Pulse-Festival, één van de pioneers van electronische muziek: Daphne Oram in haar Radiophonic Workshop.


Northern Soul documentaire op BBC2 en Jimmie Raye ‘Philly Dog Around The World’

In het kader van de film van Elaine Constantine over Northern Soul, verscheen er al een boek over en ondertussen was er ook een boeiende documentaire op BBC2 tijdens het programma ‘Culture Show’


Met een stevig extraatje uit de groep Upbeat Rare and Northern Soul facebook-groep tijdens hun (onze) Animal Themed evening session.

Jimmie Raye  ‘Philly Dog Around The World’

TSOB review

Gewoonlijk doe ik niet aan reviews, maar gisteren heb ik toch een parel van een film gezien in Docville. The Sound Of Belgium van Joseph Devillé.

hier vind je een review:


(foto instagram @dejeanzelf)

(klikken op de afbeelding of

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Nile Rodgers

Daft Punk over hun nieuwste release:

Nile Rodgers over groove, groove man 😉

Real Scenes Berlin

For the third edition of Real Scenes, RA and Bench go to one of the most special places for electronic music in the world: Berlin. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, techno became the underground soundtrack to the reunion between East and West. In recent years, it’s become an international destination for ravers—a cheap place to party with clubs that are renowned throughout the world.

‘Techno has become a business in the meantime. Yet Berlin still maintains a credibility that other cities lack. To understand why, RA and Bench went to the German capital eager to find out about its unique history and the reasons behind its continued relevance.

Visit the feature page on RA:​feature.aspx?1405

Real Scenes: Detroit

Real Scenes: Detroit (film by Resident Advisor)

‘You can’t talk about electronic music without mentioning Detroit. That’s why in the second edition of Real Scenes, RA and Bench went to the city which birthed the genre we now call techno. 

 Detroit has always had a creative streak, due in large part to the boom and subsequent bust of the auto industry. Quite simply, Detroit is a city of extremes, and its music reflects that. These days, Detroit’s importance in the global electronic music scene is often referred to in the past tense. When we visited the city, though, we found a number of artists with their eyes (and ears) firmly set towards the future. After our time in the Motor City, it’s clear to us that Detroit will endure and innovate for years to come.’

tnx emiel

Tony Visconti about Marc Bolan (part two) – Muziek & Entertainment – 123video

Tony Visconti about Marc Bolan (part two) – Muziek & Entertainment – 123video.