CAT023 Caustic Window van Richard James (Rephlex Records) @ Kickstarter

CAT023 Caustic Window – The Legendary Record by Richard D. James!

the holy grails of Electronic Music by Richard James, aka The Aphex Twin, aka Caustic Window!

‘Back in 1994, there were plans of releasing a full LP of music from Richard D. James, aka The Aphex Twin, under his “Caustic Window” moniker on his own label, Rephlex Records.

This album unfortunately never saw the light of day until around 1999, when Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) granted a rare interview with the Aphex Twin fansite, (no longer active). In the interview, Mike described the tracks in detail, and went on to explain that only 4 people at the time were known to have a vinyl test pressing of the album – Richard James, Chris Jeffs (aka Cylob), Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-founder of Rephlex Records) and Mike himself. Each person was sworn to never make copies of the music, and for 20 years, not a single track had ever been commercially released (with the exception of two tracks that appeared on compilations).

Until now. ……’ 

‘So, with official blessings from Richard James and Rephlex Records, if you contribute 16.00 USD (little under 10.00 GBP or around 11.20 EUR) and become one of the only people legally allowed to own a digital copy of the famed Caustic Window LP ripped straight from the vinyl in a lossless audio format that we will as a community vote and decide on. It’s a superb way to support the artist by legally purchasing something you will never get to purchase otherwise – Rephlex has no plans and will not press this record commercially. 

Be a part of this unique opportunity and show your hardcore fan support for Richard’s music and own some awesome electronic music!

For complete details about the record and it’s tracks, see the FAQ which will be updated in the next few days, or head on over to and join the community to learn more.’

In het kort. Deze verloren gewaande vinyl van Richard James werd bij dit project terug verkrijgbaar gemaakt. Een exemplaar kwam via Discogs  in de handen van WATMM terecht, en deze brachten deze opnieuw uit via een Kickstarter-project. Dat er veel belangstelling was, bewees het bedrag dat ze verzamelde t.o.v. het het bedrag dat nodig was. Ik heb de downloadcodes gekregen maar ik heb nu geen idee hoe anderen deze muziek kunnen beluisteren.

meer info:


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