Beer Bottle on an EMS Synthi 100?

‘The following is in via D’ Naab 136. I have no way of verifying any of this, however, I have no reason to disbelieve it, unless these pics were somehow photoshopped. If anyone else was there, feel free to comment.’…

‘Much to my disgust, all ‘acts’ had one thing in common: They all put their beer on top of the EMS Synthi 100. Of which only 33 were ever made, just a handfull is still operational and which is now worth over 50000 EUR.

I see this like handling a Stradivarius after taking apart the engine of your car without washing your hands.’

met reden is de schrijver verontwaardigd

Guy Drieghe schreef

‘The story of the beer bottle(s) is true (though one of the organisers hastily took it away).
Random bleeps & bloops ? Also true… Admittedly, it takes years to master such a machine, so I wasn’t expecting much more than said bleeps & bloops from some young musicians whom only had a few hours of “training” before going live.’

het laatste was ook mijn bedenking trouwens.


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