Secret Thirteen Mix 109 -Sendai

Peter Van Hoesen en Yves De Mey, om de muziek te beluisteren moet je naar de site van Secret Thirteen Mix gaan, het is me niet gelukt deze te embedden. Het is beslist de moeite.


foto Joris Vermost

‘The authors of the mix are longtime friends Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey, Belgian electronic music producers, DJs and sound sculptors residing between Antwerp and Berlin. Since the 90s both artists were successfully running and expanding their solo projects that were mostly oriented to techno. Their individual records were released on such notable labels as Tresor, Line, Modal Analysis, Opal Tapes and others. Van Hoesen and De Mey also composed for contemporary dance and theatre, worked with visual installations thus showing their intelligence, broad view to music as art and their interest in various mediums. However, apart from many musical and cultural activities they are together developing and implementing inventive sound ideas under Sendai alias. Within a short time of existence the project has released a critically acclaimed full-length album “Geotope” and 2 agile music’s EPs on Hoesen’s Time To Express label. De Mey’s knowledge of working with modular, vintage synthesizers and Van Hoesen’s excellent digital composition and sound design skills allow them to create authentic and globally recognizable gems of music. Their production is highly enriched with architectural beats, electrified cinematic soundscapes, various glitchs and noises. Sendai’s second album “A Smaller Divide” which should continue exploring and cultivating previous album’s ideas will be released in March on their new experimental music imprint Archives Intérieures.’

Secret Thirteen Mix 109” is a masterful mix where authors attentively explore a symbiosis among different music composing traditions, ideologies and production quality. The selection consists of 23 lasting and slightly contrasting records that made an essential impact to the whole deep and dynamic sound of Sendai. The fact that all the material was released between 1979 and 2014 and that this mix continuously sounds like one sustained piece clearly shows Van Hoesen’s and De Mey’s musical maturity, austere aesthetics, technical skills and selected concept’s fortitude. The whole elaborate compilation is like an extraordinary harmony which goes in circles and every time reveals something new, powerful and yet unnoticed. Fragments of techno, experimental, dark electro, ambient, acid and IDM are carefully merged together to form an original listening experience and to uncover new expressive sound structures. Admirably developed futuristic and contemporary musical background includes striking works by such great musicians as Front 242, Frank Zappa, Scanner, Gescom, TM404 and others. The mix also contains unreleased recording by Van Hoesen and Rebecca Lenaerts and De Mey’s early work “Grayscale” that was created under his Eavesdropper alias. Vaporous soundscapes, diverse fuzzy loops, deliberate use of various preprogrammed effects, hollow and hypnotic beat patterns are only a few examples of what is covered in eclectic surface of this mix. Moreover, duo’s analytical precision in connecting tracks, delicate editing in live motion and precision in every detail are quite similar to bizarre Gilbert Hsiao’s abstract work “Lucky Strike”. It is characteristic, sophisticated and inspiring recording which requires high-fidelity sound system and desire to study it’s complex and shimmering world of sound. This exclusive mix is a perfect opportunity for every listener to be taught by true professionals.’ sic

meer info en tracklist zie Secret Thirteen


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