Hiele ‘Elephants Seals’ @ XLR8R


Belgium’s Hiele is a producer who prides himself on crafting unidentifiable hybrid structures within the realm of electronic music. Opening the man’s forthcoming Essential Oils LP for Ekster (out on March 14), “Say” is one such track, stitching together sections of jazz-inflected beat work with traces of IDM precision and skweee’s playfulness. To his credit, Hiele is able to make sense of it all, and what emerges is a sharp image of the Antwerp producer’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink production approach. In addition to offering “Say,” Hiele has also passed along a video for LP track “Elephant Seals,” which can be watched after the jump.

Je moet wel naar XLR8R voor de video en geluid

don’t forget 14 maart de release van de nieuwe Hiele in de Edit (Antwerpen)



way to go Roman!


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