Yves De Mey ‘Metrics’ en ‘Transfer EP’


Yves de mey had ook deze zomer een nieuwe release,

“With this mix I wanted to combine delicate reduced compositions with raw bursts of noise, covering bass music and electro-acoustic ground at the same time.  Using abandoned buildings as echo chambers, making speakers rattle with a bow on a cello string, patching analog or digital modular synthesizers,…. no matter what tools are being used to transgress genres, this is where my heart is.  One track feeds the following, whether it is spectrally or rhythmically.  At the end of the story, there’s unison in energy” – Yves De Mey (sic http://electronicexplorations.org/?show=yves-de-mey

en nu is er reeds een volgende release:  ‘Transfer EP’


meer info over deze bijzondere belgische electronische muzikant? http://www.knobsounds.com/


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