Echogarden ‘Compilation Volume 1’

Echogarden is het eerste festival voor Dub Techno in de Tabakfabrik in Linz (Austria) dit weekend. Jonge artiesten konden er hun tracks naar opsturen en deze staan op deze release, gratis te downloaden bij Bandcamp en Soundcloud. Het is dat ik hier moet zijn, anders zat ik daar ook hoor.



echogarden is the place to be for everyone who’s heart beats for dub techno. It’s the place where dub meets deep, where the air is filled with echo and where chords and atmospheric sounds intermingle. ‘

meer info:

Alle info en zelfs hun website is helemaal gehuisvest op Facebook

‘Hello friends and dub techno lovers out there. 

We started this competition by simply asking artists to produce tracks that would fit to a big garden full of echos. The response was amazing. We recieved a lot of tracks. Outstanding tracks. We started and kept collecting tracks until the day of the deadline. Martin and me made a deal: we would not listen to any of the tracks before having gathered all of them such that we would not make any preselection but give each track the same chance. Imagine, it was very hard to do so. The day after the deadline, Martin and i just met to discuss and evaluate the tracks. During the entire night, we listened to the tracks without looking at artist names just to be as unbiased as possible until it was done. We selected the sweetest sounds for echogarden and those tracks that are somehow connected to each other. We had so much fun while listening to the sounds – the tracks blew us completely away. Amazing!! Therefore we want to thank everyone who sent us a track and we also want to thank those artists, that are finally not on the list. I really have to say that again, it was just about making a choice of what sounds build a great connection. Nothing else. 
Also, our special thanks go to “Salz” and his wonderful mastering. 
Specially when it comes to dub-techno, mastering by Salz is a masterpiece. 

Please enjoy our first Compilation. ‘

er is ook een livestream


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