WPH vs Feiern version 4 @ Brauhausboot 21 juli

WPH vs Feiern version 4 @ Brauhausboat 21 juli


opnieuw ligt de Brauhausboot in de handelsdok in Gent om ruimte te bieden voor het WPH versus Feieren feestje. Ondertussen een traditie.

‘Before you know it a tradition is born… For the last 3 years on our national holiday 21st of July Feiern and We Play House Recordings have teamed up to bring you ’12 hours of underground house’ on the Boothuis Brauhaus situated in Handelsdok (near Gent Dampoort).

The idea is simple: have a bunch of the best house DJ’s from Belgium on the line-up, add a killer special guest, put as many people as possible on a cool party boat, and rock it from start (16h) to finish 4h), with the roof open if the weather allows it.

So of course we’re doing it again this summer. On DJ duties are Ben Sun (Delusions Of Grandeur, Voyeurhythm), San Soda & Gratts, Laurens & Flatfish, Kiani & His Legion, Niles, Innershades & Red D.

There will be no presale, and as most of you know the boat filled up fast last year, so just come early and party longer. Trust us when we say that if you need to wait a bit before you can come aboard, we’ll make that wait a pleasant one with no room for dry mouths and stomachs :-)’


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