Alpha-podcast presents TRUSS

Alpha-podcast presents TRUSS

‘Tom Russell (a.k.a. Truss) heralds from a small Welsh village on the outskirts of Cardiff, yet he brings some of the darker and harder elements of techno to many of the UK’s urban concrete haunts such as Corsica Studios. Having released several tracks on London techno label Perc Trax, Miniscule, Dumb-Unit Synewave among others, his sound comprises stripped-back minimal techno that is hard and driving. Stocking records from UK-based techno producers Surgeon, Perc, Shifted and Sigha in his crate, Truss is clearly part of the scene here that pushes a sound that is loud, visceral and exactingly scientific.’ 

Sigha – HF029B1 – Hotflush
TBR – Ganymede – CDR
A Made Up Sound – Rear Window (Shattered) – Delsin
Blawan – Lavender
Radial – Three Steps – Planet Rhythm
Steve Bicknell – How Can We Know (Steve Bicknell Definition) – Cosmic
Shifted – Drifting Over – Mote Evolver
Roland Casper – Take This – Magnetic North
Jobody – Bound – Unreleased
Rrose – Bare Hand – Sandwell District
Heiko Laux – Re-Televised (Donor / Truss Remix) – Forthcoming on Thema Sigha – HF029A1 – Hotflush
Sev Dah – Saint Of The Cave (Donor / Truss Remix) Forthcoming on Gynoid

Alpha-Ville Festival 22/25 september London 


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