Peter Van Hoesen 3 – Time To Express

Dit is mijn tweede Peter van Hoesen bericht, Opnieuw een podcast die hij tesamen met zijn compangon Yves De Mey beheert bij Time To Express. Nice

‘TimeCast started in April 2009 as a monthly podcast. The show is hosted and curated by Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. After 10 episodes the podcast was put on hold as it was time to rethink the series in light of the overwhelming amount of other podcasts out there. In August 2011 TimeCast was revived with a renewed intention. Next to presenting regular mixes TimeCast will feature anonymous contributions. This means moving the spotlight away from the artist and on to the music itself. Consequently the format will be that of a mixtape, emphasising track order and selection rather than mixing skills.’


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