Interview met Peter Van Hoesen

‘In a country conspicuously well-regarded for its contributions to electronic music, Belgium’s Peter van Hoesen ranks high on the ladder of it’s contemporary Techno icons. Possessed of deep electronic roots stretching back to the early days of Belgium’s influence and dominance, van Hoesen’s start came amidst a steady stream of Industrial, EBM, post-Punk, New Wave, New Beat, and of course House and Techno. He bagan making music at age 11 and has now clocked over 20 years behind the decks as one of Brussels most noted Techno DJs. As the co-founder of the influential Foton label group that includes the Time to Express imprint, Peter’s own productions first surfaced 10 years ago, but his early work firmly avoided Techno as such, instead exploring the clicks and cuts notions holding sway at that time. It was an odd period in electronic music as computerized minimal Techno eventually stifled the creative energy of the scene, and like many, van Hoesen hit a career impasse that led him to reevaluate his artistic pursuits, eventually returning him to the pure form of the music that initially inspired him.

Now, with Time to Express on the tip of Techno heads’ tongues across the globe, and a close association to the similarly well-regarded Labyrinth festival in Japan, van Hoesen’s increasingly busy gigging and production schedule doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. He also maintains a very active sidebar as a sound designer and composer for contemporary theater, dance, and mixed media. With the Techno scene at its strongest in years now, Peter’s standout productions combine depth, intensity, aggression, and beauty in ways that are difficult to describe but uniquely effective for wrecking dancefloors. A recent move to Berlin certainly has done him no harm in furthering his name recognition, and now he’s back in North America playing for two of our favorite promoters in New York (The Bunker) and Chicago (Oktave), followed by a pair of dates in Detroit and San Francisco. halcyon was pleased to catch up with the busy Belgian before his marathon 8-hr. set headlining Bunker this weekend for a some background on his Low Country past, his artistic career, and some very tempting teasers about what to expect from him this weekend when he takes his turn behind the booth…’ Halycon

with a link to the podast @droid behavior


zet die podcast op en lees het lange interview, Peter Van Hoesen blijft beslist een van de vaste waarden in de belgische technoscene. ps. De podcast kan je downloaden.


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