XLR8R Podcast 201: Robag Wruhme

‘That’s right, first post in a week. I’ve been busy, busy collecting lot’s of music for you all (expect some blog love this weekend), but today’s post comes straight from the tweetline of Dave Fisher.

Robag Wruhme, one of my favourite techno producers continues to move on from the ‘Wighnomy Brothers’ seperation, first with a sublime album release, ‘Thora Vukk’ and now a mix for XLR8R.

The tracklist speaks for itself, with some of my favourite artists of late, Desolate and Origamibiro and even a track from Danny Norbury, who was impressive supporting Aus at a gig in Highbury Chapel last year. Not forgetting, perhaps one of the most beautiful tracks to ever be released from the legend of Vangelis…’ (website Astrangeisolatedplace)

See the original post on XLR8R to download.

01 Max Richter “Maria the Poet (1913)” (Fat Cat)
02 Danny Norbury “From the Lookout” (Static Caravan)
03 Brian McBride “Girl Nap” (Kranky)
04 Michael Andrews “I’m Not Following You” (Everloving)
05 Vangelis “Rachel’s Song” (Eastwest)
06 Erik Enocksson “II. Non Lupi” (Man Tanker Sitt)
07 Tape & Bill Wells “Fugue 2″ (Immune)
08 Alejandro Franov “Micerino Tema” (Staubgold/D)
09 Modeselektor & Thom Yorke “The White Flash (Robag Spezial Version)” (Bpitch Control)
10 Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz “Rye & Guy” (Karaoke Kalk)
11 Desolate “Escape” (Fauxpas Musik)
12 Edward Williams “Coral Larvae/Arabesque Flatworms” (Trunk)
13 Prague Symphony Orchestra & Libor Pesek “The Frog” (Supraphon A.S.)
14 The Notwist “Prayer” (Alien Transistor)
15 Origamibiro “Unravelled in Wreathes” (Inandout)

een podcast bij XLR8R gelinkt  naar ASIP gelinkt naar Sound & Vision, het is me wat 😉 te downloaden bij XLR8R


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