Conforce’s podcast en interview bij LWE

We volgen Conforce eigenlijk al een hele tijd, en hebben in deze blog reeds een stukje geschreven over zijn allereerste verschijnen (dat we via eclectro). We zijn dan ook verheugd te kunnen melden dan de collega’s van Little White Earbuds Conforce ontdekt hebben.

‘Hailing from the remote isles of Terschelling, Boris Bunnik’s introduction to electronic music seemed fated, with his father finding a black tape cassette in the forest and giving it to his son, telling him there may be something on it he liked. The cassette was filled with early acid and techno and sparked a love affair with the music in the young Dutchman. Years later, upon moving to the larger city of Leeuwarden, Bunnik met and befriended like-minded individuals Mohlao and Delta Funktionen who would prove to be an instrumental part of Bunnik’s journey as he began in earnest to explore production. After several years of toil, including releases on small digital-only labels, Bunnik received a break when Rush Hour heard his work in 2007. Hitting his stride towards the end of 2009, Bunnik has been in perpetual motion ever since, fitting in gigs amongst a steady stream of releases, including the deeply pensive Machine Conspiracy debut album on the Meanwhile imprint in 2010. His Detroit inspired techno ranges from sublime and moody through to dubbed out and distraught. Under the alter egos Versalife and Vernon Felicity he explores different sides of his creativity, with his Versalife moniker so far resulting in two stunning releases of electro. LWE got in touch with Boris to find out more about his rise to prominence, the importance of pushing yourself creatively, and what his different aliases mean to him. He also lovingly assembled our 87th exclusive podcast with a mixture of atmospheric techno, ambient and more that will cast you under the spell of one of the latest masters of Dutch techno.…‘ Site Little White Earbuds

podcast conforce

Ook kan je hier een uitgebreid interview lezen. De moeite


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