Separee invites Metrobox (Mobilee, Morse, R&R) 21 mei

Separee invites Metrobox: (Mobilee,Morse,R&R)  21 Mei salle noir antwerp Straatsburgdok – Noordkaai 3 Antwerp, Belgium

Berten De Beukelaer is a musician in heart and soul for as long as he can remember. He started his musical journey at the age of 7, playing the flute, to add on guitar, bass and keys later on. In his early days he performed in orchestras and quartets, while experimenting in funk and rock bands, but eventually he got hooked on djing and producing electronic music, which for him holds the perfect balance between his technical curiosity as an engineer and his need to ventilate and express himself through music.

Merging accoustic, analog and digital, he loves to combine his background in jazz, classical music and electronic styles such as House, Techno, Dub and Hiphop into a colorful blend of sound and rhythm.

Drawn by it’s abundant beauty, open mentality and rich arts and music scene, Berten is currently living in the capital of contemporary creativity, Berlin.

Miyaguy: (Matinee,Separee)

Dj MiyaGuy Was born in Wilrijk, Belgium in 1981. I started collect records when i was 14 years old.Listening to records from Jean Michel Jarre, Cerrone, Moroder… I found My way to electronic music. Soon I started to play records at parties in and around My hometown, Antwerp. My passion for music is very deep and i know the way in different styles. My record collection contains a wide variety of styles: from techno to disco house electronica only the good vibes A must for your soul! ..


Detroit. Chicago. Berlin. Antwerp
Bunga Bunga.


Producer. Pur Sang Live.
Techno. House. Minimal. Deep.


Entrance: 5 euro
Location: Salle Noir – Straatsburgdok – Noordkaai 3 – Antwerpen
(entrance next to Club NOXX)

en met Veeboo ‘Finger Snips’


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