David Lynch Finishes Electronic Music Album


Dat ook ouderen zich interesseren in het dance-fenomeen is eerder uitzonderlijk, maar voila zo zie je maar (iedereen die mij kent weet wat ik bedoel šŸ˜‰
Nog gerustellender is dat zij zelf dance beginnen te maken. Dit is dus het geval met de filmmaker David Lynch. Filmmaker van films als Eraserhead, Lost Highway, Mudholland Drive, Wild At Heart. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lynch

Late last year, visionary weirdo filmmaker David Lynch made an unexpected leap into dance music, releasing the single “Good Day Today” on British DJ Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best label. (Lynch talked to Pitchfork in December about finding his way to music.) And now, according to a press release, Lynch has finally completed an entire album of electronic music.

Lynch will deliver the keynote address at the dance music industry event the International Music Summit, taking place in the dance mecca of Ibiza May 24-29. Lynch’s address goes down May 26 at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, but Lynch won’t actually be there in person. Instead, he and engineer “Big” Dean Hurley will be interviewed via Skype from Lynch’s L.A. studio. According to the press release, Lynch and Hurley plan to “show us exactly how they made the music and how they turn it out in Lynch’s studio.”

The International Music Summit will also feature performances from people like Hercules and Love Affair, 2 Many DJ’s, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Luciano, and many others.


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