A chilling aural portrait of the deadly earthquake near Japan

Tijdens heel het gewoel over de aardbeving/ Tsunami vrijdag en dit weekend botste ik op een geluidskunstenaar die gewoon de seismologische gegevens had gebruikt om soundscapes mee te maken.
De man in kwestie is Micah Frank, uit Brooklyn. http://micahfrank.com/

Earthquakes off the east coast of Honshu, Japan – Friday March 11, 2011

Is één van die soundscapes, op zijn site en zijn soundcloudsite vind je er meerdere.

De titel hierboven komt uit The Daily Need, een blog die deze soundscapes ook gevonden had en er een artikel over schreef. Hier een stukje:

‘Images of a rising tide washing over coastlines, swallowing boats and sweeping away neighborhoods have painted an indelible portrait of the destruction wrought by Japan’s 8.9-magnitude earthquake. But what about the sounds? What would an earthquake sound like if we could hear it? Micah Frank, a sound programmer from Brooklyn, has attempted to answer that question by producing aural interpretations of the seismic activity from Japan’s earthquake. Frank is the founder of the Tectonic Project, which aggregates earthquake data from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and turns it into sound sculptures in real time. These soundscapes paint a chilling aural portrait of disasters like the one in Japan. “I listen to some of these, and they are really sort of haunting,” Frank said in an interview Friday. Sensors operated by the USGS around the world collect data on seismic activity — location, magnitude, depth within the earth — and relay that activity back to a central database. Frank’s computers then parse that data and, using different types of synthesis, apply texture and various aural effects. “This sound computer basically generates sound given certain parameters,” Frank said. The project was launched in October 2009 and was designed originally to be an installation. “I was really interested in, basically, sonification and synthesizing data,” Frank said. “Listening to things is a whole different experience.” But with the apparent frequency of deadly earthquakes like the ones in Haiti, China and now Japan, Frank’s aural interpretations of seismic activity have found new relevance on the web.’……


In elk geval een boeiende kijk heel dit gebeuren


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