Slow Down Baby

Slown Down Baby mix van Manu Deckers

Just a small beatdown mix. I love this music so much, so I’m mixing all the time! And this one I find decent enough to share with you.

TL : – Eddie C – Sleazotica – Kolour Ltd
– Dj Steef – Planet Caravan  – Magic Wand
– Ltj Xperience  – Sound Machine – Irma
– Matthew Kyle – So many ways – Diner City Sound
– Ltj Xperience – You know – Small World Disco
– Cole Medina – True 2 da disco – Kolour Ltd
– Eddie C – You know how (cdr) – Endless Flight
– The Revenge – Curtis – Wolf music Cheers.

Special thanks to Eddie C.

Hope you like it! I do.

tnx Manu


2 Reacties op “Slow Down Baby

  1. thanks love it. makes me want to get drunk/high

  2. thanks man, you have no idea what it means to me!

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