Oh, Europa! CL516 blog


‘Quick video showing the Analogue Solutions Europa sequencing the Omega 8 and Perfourmer. I really wanted the groove to be kept constant in this video. It’s pretty much just the two synths, Machinedrum providing tempo and drums, and a little bit of Waves H-Delay. The Europa certainly wasn’t pickup and use right away, but after reading the manual, I’m starting to get the hang of it. Those keys on the left make it so simple to transpose or tap out a small melody. It’s also very easy to mute tracks and switch patterns on the fly. As for the synths, both the Omega and Perfourmer are quite handy for this type of use: Omega can have each of its 8 voices on a different MIDI channel in multi-mode, and same with Perfourmer and its 4 voices.’


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