Ostgut Ton ‘Fünf’


Bijna zou ik een toprelease van de Berliner techno vergeten, met name de compilatie ‘Fünf’

the Futurist schreef hierover: ‘Some might say that the sound of Berlin is represented by a certain label and club, while others predict the downfall of both the label and the club. Ostgut Ton did what they do better than anyone else at the moment; they have displayed a very honest and non-traditional way of thinking and celebrating their first five years – where a lot has happened with both during. There’s a point to which a label can experiment without losing a lot of following, which in most cases might not be so good when releasing vinyl these days. Counting in ‘Fünf’ as one of these experiments, Ostgut Ton has set a new level of their sound. By gathering all the people behind the label and the artists that empowers the club with its energy, this collection of tracks is one of the most interesting albums this year. Emika has recorded ambient and field sounds within the club building, creating a sound library which the artists then use – this gives them a core for equal opportunity to bring their own style into a common factor. And they did. There are pieces of scattered memories from all night sessions, dust, killing basses and drums, together with stone cold percussion and intense noise, all mixed into 7 pieces of vinyl. There’s absolutely no limit when inspiration goes into a certain state. With this being in the hands of the proven artists that commit to this project, Ostgut Ton has released one of the most interesting and important compilations of their and our musical journey for this decade. ‘Fünf’ is released on 8th November. recommended’ met toegevoegde samples

en ook Boomkat schrijft erover: ‘Featuring 26 exclusive, specially recorded tracks from Shed, Scuba, Marcel Dettmann, Substance, Emika, Cassy, Soundstream, Norman Nodge, Luke Slater and much much more** Ostgut Ton celebrates five years at the forefront of the House and Techno arena with a muscular display of prowess. ‘Fünf’ collects 24 tracks from most of the label’s artists and the roster of Berghain and Panorama Bar’s resident DJs, all working with a shared palette of field recordings made by Berlin resident, Emika, at the venue itself. The concept tangibly links the intrinsic noise of the building with the music played there, using the clangorous sound of it’s metal staircases, lighting rigs, and fridges, together with a reverb plug-in created using impulse responses from the cavernous space inside. Emika’s opener ‘Cooling Room’ is one of the most literal translations of the source material, using it’s sonorous resonance to create a clear sense of space and shape. Like Emika, most artists have retained the nature of these sound in their tracks, for instance in the visceral klang and buzz of Marcel Dettmann’s ‘Shelter’, Fiedel’s arrangement of ricocheting percussion in ‘Doors To Manual’, and Shed’s manipulation of the bass kickback from those fearsome Funktion 1’s in ‘Boom Room’. Using the sounds and reverb setting in a more metaphorical sense, Tama Sumo’s House gripper ‘Iron Glance’ alludes to the sense of space and party determination, and Steffi’s ‘My Room’ tunes and filters them into rich melodies and harmonics. Notably, the compilation also features a debut production from the club’s stamina specialist Boris, the intensely close and druggy ‘Rem’, besides tracks from members of their extended family like Margaret Dygas and Ryan Elliott and the established roster of Ben Klock, Luke Slater, Norman Nodge, Prosumer, Barker & Baumecker, Nick Höppner and many more. With ‘Fünf’ they’ve gone a step further than your average techno compilation and the results are more than worth it. Highly recommended! maar ja dat is een winkel natuurlijk


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