Pheek ‘Channeling (Cycles)’


‘Pheek will release his new album “Channeling” due for October Canadian techno artist Jean-Patrice Remillard, known as Pheek, will release his 10th album on Archipel, his own imprint. After waiting 4 years to produce a new album, Pheek worked on nailing down a technique of automatic writing to his music. Once the concept in place, he used it to bring his intricate techno into a tale of surrealism, where non-sense take a fragile signification in the end. if the album were a painting, it would be a detailed landscape, rather than a focused portrait unassuming, until you take a step closer and realise the detail with which the brush strokes have been laid down. With a precise focus of not censoring himself, Pheek dove into archives, using discarded sketches, mixing old ideas to new ones into a dense collage. While trying to detach himself from old patterns and not necessary having DJs on his mind, the album is made to slowly create little abstract worlds of rhythmic dreamy textures, where every excursion is a new one. Since he first started to release music, Pheek has been known to have a sound you can recognize in the first moments through his unique signature. This album will surely bring things to new grounds while keeping the same flavour. ‘


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