Slam “Monopod 10” [Recorded live 10thSept2010 @ Sub Club]


Slam – Monopod 10 [Recorded live 10thSept2010 @ Sub Club] by soma
Slam’s monthly residency, Return To Mono at the world-famous Sub Club in Glasgow, has become a staple of the ever-advancing music scene in the West of Scotland. Guests like Ivan Smagghe, Adam Beyer, Alex Under, Claude VonStroke, Dusty Kid, Paul Ritch & Marc Houle have brought some delights to the club – but the one thing that has cemented Return To Mono in Glasgow’s clubbing history has been the quality and consistency of Slam’s warm-up sets. Orde & Stuart have been perfecting their trade for many moons, and this is evident when you catch a Return To Mono set.

Our Monopod series is recorded Live from these special nights in Glasgow’s Sub Club and is usually the first hour of music in the club. So expect a mellow journey from dub and lo-fi through to deep, grooving house music.

This set in particular was the first hour of a 4 HOUR Slam mix

The next RETURN TO MONO features PAN POT and Slam FRI.OCT.08th 2010

Slam hebben mijn blog ooit eens gevonden en gevraagd of ze een hier een mix (de Monopod 09 was dat) op mochten zetten en werden nu dus ook gekozen door Nightcode…/


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