Time to Express @Fuse nr1 – zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

time to express`

Time To Express at Fuse #1 presents Mike Parker (Geophone, Spectral, USA) Peter Van Hoesen, Pierre, Deg August 28 2010, Fuse, Brussels. The first in a series of contemporary techno events, curated by Time To Express in collaboration with Fuse. Hypes come and go, but the love for solid, forward-looking techno has never left Brussels – really. Fuse, the capital’s legendary club, certainly has something to do with this. Add Peter Van Hoesen’s Time To Express label to the mix and you end up with a night guaranteed to move both body and mind. The kick-off event features an artist considered by many as techno’s hidden treasure: Mike Parker. Mike’s been quietly doing his thing for many years. His Geophone imprint is a sure stop for driving, deep techno. It’s the outlet par excellence for Mike’s own productions, progressively building a solid list of releases without too much fuzz. However, recently things started to change – and that’s about time. With a remarkable release on Spektral, a recent tour in Japan and now his European appearances it seems Mike is finally getting what he deserves. A deep, driving and passionate DJ set – this is what you’ll experience on August 28. The line-up is completed by Time To Express label owner and Fuse resident Peter Van Hoesen. Since March 2010 Peter has been part of the Fuse family, complementing the club’s vision with his dark, uncompromising yet groovy take on techno. Fuse long-standing residents Pierre and Deg will take care of the start and finish of the night. Make sure you’re there from the beginning and stay until the end as this is an occasion for both residents to step out of the confines of their respective residencies. Come early, leave late.

volgende Time To Express at Fuse #2: October 16 2010.

Dave heeft nog links gegeven naar twee downloads van Mixen van Mike parker




2 Reacties op “Time to Express @Fuse nr1 – zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

  1. Laten we ook even de aandacht leggen op de visuele kunst van Mike: http://www.mike-parker.net/

    Ik zie de overeenkomsten met zijn muziek …

  2. I love de Fuse

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