Shed ‘The Traveller’ in full streaming (ondertussen voorbij)

Net zoals Mount Kimbie biedt Factmagazine deze keer de nieuwste full-release aan van Shed bij Ostgut Ton, ‘The Traveller’, in streaming uiteraard. Maar wel voldoende om er een idee van te krijgen. De lp/ cd verschijnt 30 augustus

‘Due to be released on August 30 by Ostgut Ton, The Traveller is the follow-up to Shed’s hugely acclaimed 2008 debut, Shedding The Past, and finds the Berlin resident – real name Rene Pawlowitz – affirming his position as one of the most distinctive and daring producers working in techno today. The new record is less explicitly sombre than its predecessor, but it’s still an agreeably edgy, inward-looking affair. ‘Atmo – Action’, ‘The Traveller’, ‘Hdrtm’ and ‘Mayday’ are as artfully arranged and subtly escalating as Convextion’s finest work, while the starlit melodies of ’44A (Hardwax Forever!)’ recall the exploratory heyday of The Black Dog and Autechre. For all the compositional excellence on display, though, the focus throughout The Traveller is Pawlowitz’s mastery of percussion, of groove manipulation: ‘Keep Time’ is essentially a drum track, but more riveting than most anything released this year, while ‘The Bot’ takes dubstep minimalism to a new level of spatial abstraction.…’

Deze week is er trouwens ook een  podcast bij Resident advisor van zijn hand. Shed krijgt voldoende airplay (of moet ik zeggen netplay) medunkt.

have fun


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