Brain Eno keert terug naar Warp met een nieuwe release

gelezen op de twitter van Pitchfork, met andere woorden dus op de website van Pitchfork, ‘ Small Craft on a Milk Sea’ is de naam van deze uitgave.

Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Big-time producer, art-rock god, and ambient mastermind Brian Eno returns with his first album for Warp Records, Small Craft on a Milk Sea. The album was made with similarly experimental collaborators Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams and is out November 2 (November 15 in the UK). That windswept image above is the cover. Small Craft on a Milk Sea will be available in regular old CD and digital formats as well as two deluxe versions: A limited edition box featuring the album on CD, vinyl, and download, as well as a bonus CD with four extra tracks, and a lithograph of Eno’s artwork, as well as a super-limited collectors’ edition set featuring all of the above plus an entirely “unique and customised 12″ square silkscreen print” by Eno himself as well as “a real copper plate, etched with the title and edition number embedded in the slipcase spine.” Check out pretty preview pics of the exclusive sets at Eno’s site.

New album on Warp Records out 2nd November 2010 (15th November in the UK)

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  1. daar kijk ik naar uit!

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