LWE presents Iz & Diz met “Juvenated”

Bij Little White Earbuds heeft steeds een mooie selectie aan hedendaagse dancemuziek. Het voordeel is dat zij hun keuze steeds goed weten te argumenteren maar voornamelijk dat je kan voorbeluisteren zonder iritante toetgeluidjes of erger nog heelder boodschappen in één of ander engelse streektaal.

Dit maal viel hun keuze op  Iz & Diz met “Juvenated”

Zelf vertellen ze dit hierover:

“After a decade spent making music together for labels like Balance, Guidance, Classic and Silver Network, the Chicago-based duo Iz & Diz went on hiatus in 2006. Four years and a handful of solo releases later, the pair reunited for a single on Iz’s recently launched Vizual Records. Iz & Diz bring a newly rapacious and synthesized sound to Juvenated that more closely resembles Iz’s recent solo tracks than their organically flavored past. This works to their advantage, putting impetus behind the assorted timbres and winding arrangements in the title track (reality check the car horn sample) and providing a driving edge to “Cosmid.” From progressions and leads that sting to walloping bass lines and perfectly mixed pads, each element stands out while complementing the rest. Although the “beats” version of “Juvenated” is worth skipping, the unconventional original is undoubtedly the standout. Here’s hoping they maintain the renewed energy on forthcoming platters together.”


de download is te koop bij Junodownload



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