14 tracks presents “Echospace Exclusives”

Echospace exclusive

Als je nog niets hebt van Echospace (shame on you), krijg je hier de kans een mooie inkijk te kopen van deze groep, al werken deze mensen soms tesamen en soms niet. Dub techno op zijn mooist, maar veel meer dan dat.

“These 14 tracks scan a haul of exclusive tracks from Rod Modell & Stephen Hitchell, a duo of producers who between them (sometimes together, sometimes apart) have been known to work under a plethora of pseudonyms and monikers – from Deepchord Presents Echospace to CV313, Intrusion, Variant, Soultek and several others. Their own Echospace label has flourished over the last couple of years and has allowed the pair to air some of their most important archival material – in fact they are so prolific that they’ve often got dubs of dubs of dubs, which often reveal the most interesting and absorbing aspects of their extensive repertoire. As we get deeper into their soundsphere, as the tracks get longer and the textures ever more gaseous, they reveal hidden layers which only become apparent over extended listening. We could attribute this to their use of paranormal EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) field recordings, or the intuitive, organic soul of their live performances, but either way there’s something wonderfully intangible and sublimely reflective waiting to be experienced here. So, without further ado, here is a two hour journey through some of the most sublime dub refractions you’ll likely find in contemporary electronic music.”



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