Kassem Mosse, We Speak To Those/Hi Res @LWE

Kassem Mosse, We Speak To Those/Hi Res

Kassem Mosse EP


‘Kassem Mosse, whose friends call him Gunnar Wendel, has been making his name on slow, narcotic deep house with a uniquely experimental bent that separates him from his fellow defenders of the form. His tracks vary from near-ambience to pounding bangers, but the drums are padded and the synths are often stuck in permanent soft-focus, staying within viewing distance while still maddeningly blurry. Perhaps best known for his two woozy EPs on the Workshop label, his latest release comes on Instra:mental’s drum-n-bass-centric NonPlus+ label of all places, and builds on the sound of those EPs with a new pseudo-militaristic drive.’


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