Skream exclusive mix @Mary Anne Hobbs BBC1

Mary Ann Hobson

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TONIGHT on my BBC Radio1 show SKREAM @I_Skream presents an exclusive Present >> Future mix.. 2-4am

“There was some very sad news recently that Radio 1 DJ, Mary Anne Hobbs would be leaving the radio station and her legendary experimental show after 14 years. This was a big surprise to many people, because the show seemed to be doing great things and at a time where underground music is generally doing really well in the charts, it was shock to the system. Grime, dubstep and funky have all been growing with some great music coming from those scenes and these were all sounds that Mary championed before anyone else on mainstream radio. Many people locked into the show for years, eagerly waiting to hear what new sounds and styles would be showcased over the course of the two-hour experimental show. I think the main thing about the show that made it so attractive was that it was on so late in the night and people would have to stay up late to listen to it. I remember times when I would get back from work or a night out with friends and I’d tune in to enjoy the dark sounds. The show for me will always be remembered for two things: Firstly, the legendary Dubstep Warz programmes that went out on the show in 2006. For me this was one of the defining moments in dubstep. The biggest producers and DJs would come on the show and it was then when everyone knew something was brewing within the scene. Even listening via the airwaves, the atmosphere was insane. Dubstep Warz basically showed everyone that dubstep could and eventually would become a global sound and this was before any big singles or albums had been released, when it was still a gutter underground club sound from London. Secondly, there was a huge variety in what Mary had on her shows, from grime freestyles through to live guest mixes. The amount of quality DJs and mixes that were pushed through is unreal and even today people are looking and listening to these recorded shows and mixes. Like the Dubstep Warz shows, there was always something to look forward to and the show catered for everyone. You would have a left-field electronica song next to a new 8-bar grime banger, then straight into a dubstep mix. Sure radio will carry on pushing through new underground music, but with Mary’s show you never knew what direction she would take things or what new sounds she would be pushing down our ears. I think it’s fair to say that her radio show was the benchmark for left-field and underground music. Mary will be remembered (although she isn’t dead or anything) on radio for many things: the mixes she did for Planet Mu, her stage at Sonar, those amazing guest mixes and playing future club music which was so a head of its time. Mary Anne Hobbs, we salute you! “

een dj-set van Mary Ann Hobbs @Sonar 2009 (barcelona)

ja makkers, deze nacht wakker blijven


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