Technoir vs Future/Past @ Technoir Boat

Technoir vs Future/Past (16 juli – 24 juli)


De Brauhausboat zorgt voor een invasie aan Antwerpse techno in Gent. Tot tweemaal toe komt Technoir een event verzorgen tijdens de Gentse Feesten. Technoir is in de Antwerpse scene geen onbekende, en is dan ook fijn dat ook Technoir naar Gent afzakt. tot tweemaal toe zelfs.

op 16 juli Technoir vs Future/Past – Coupé (Technoir) – K-Dust (Future/past) Eklektiker (Feiern)

en op 24 juli – Coupé (Technoir) – Eklektiker (Feiern)

Technoir an Antwerp based electronic dance music organisation started out as Johnsballades (JB) about 12 years ago by John Santiago himself !
He organised underground parties in small Bassments in and outside of Antwerp, with help from dj-friends from all over the country !! the music varieted from Techno to acid to electro and some drum and bass. While doin this as a first experience he saw he got good reactions from partypeople, dj’s and friends ,so after this positive feedback he decided to continue,…16/7 Technoir vs Future/Past
Coupé (Technoir)
K-Dust (Future/past)
Eklektiker (Feiern)
+ More to be confirmed24/7 Technoir
Coupé (Technoir)
Eklektiker (Feiern)
+ More to be confirmedWe stand for Techno, (the real stuff, axis, peacefrog, pure plastic,… …) our goal is to bring back the vibe of the early techno-raves
The venue is an old boat turned into a serious underground party location (@ Handelsdok Gent, in front of the Neboboot)

ligging brauhausboat

ook voor in je agenda, dus


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