Mount Kimbie in stream: ‘Crooks & Lovers’ in full

FACT exclusief: luister naar het nieuwe volledige album van Mount Kimbie in stream: ‘Crooks & Lovers’

mount kimbie @ fact

‘We’re very excited to offer a full, exclusive stream of Mount Kimbie’s forthcoming debut album, Crooks and Lovers. Released later this month on Hotflush, it marks Dominic Maker and Kai Campos’s first full-length, and the follow-up to their widely acclaimed EPs for the same label, Maybes and Sketch on Glass. Mount Kimbie are inspired by dubstep, and release on a dubstep label, but their approach owes much to experimental pop and alt-rock, and as such they – like their peers Joy Orbison and James Blake – have found fans outside the usual spectrum. Crooks and Lovers sees them experiment deeper than before with loops and repetition, heralding some of the most rewarding results yet from the pair. Crooks and Lovers will be streaming on FACT for one week only. It’s available to pre-order at the usual spots.’

Mount Kimbie treed op in Belgie @ ten days off  in gent op dag 6 donderdag 22 juli tesamen met Benga en Joy Robinson

en @ the hotflush night in de recyclart blx met Pangea,nl/


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