nieuw materiaal van James Holden

Little white earbuds

Bij Little White Earbuds heeft men steeds wat lekkers in de kast zitten, nu in de rubriek ‘Download of the Week’ zit er een download van James Holden “Triangle Folds”, het is zijn eerste release (een teaser) vanaf 2006.

James Holden

Photo by Eva Vermandel

“Unlike most traditional mix CDs, !K7’s DJ-Kicks series is notable for the freedom it affords artists to share parts of their collection that wouldn’t fare as well on the dance floor. James Holden’s recent addition to the series manages to appeal to both areas as he folds together the droning soundscapes of artists like Mogwai (albeit remixed by Holden) and Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid with the more danceable notions of James Ruskin and Legowelt. “Triangle Folds,” his own contribution to the mix, is the first new material with his name on it since 2006 and is indicative of where his uniquely coiffed head is at. The velour-like texture of its seasick synth melodies mimic a drunken guitarist jabbing at his axe, the sound bouncing off the walls and influencing his next steps. It’s not until the fuzz is stripped away that the Tangerine Dream/Ash Ra Tempel references become apparent. Our thanks to Holden and K7! for sharing this track.”

En onze dank aan K7 en James Holden en LWE voor deze track 😉


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