de line-up van10 days off is rond

10 days off

10 days off, het dance-gebeuren dat tegelijk met de gentse feesten doorgaat in de Gense Vooruit is rond. Het hele event staat op nr 4 bij de july festivals bij Resident Advisor.

“10 days off is the yearly high mass of club music in Belgium. Started off as Ten Days of Techno in 1995, the event has now become a gathering of the tribes where virtually every kind of electronic music can be seen and heard. Not only techno, but every sound you could possibly imagine hearing in the international night clubs of today: house, electro, breakbeats, fidget, rock, drum ‘n’ bass, minimal, broken beats, dubstep, nu-jazz, techno, funk, disco, new-rave, electro-house and other hybrid genres. Adventure and attraction first!
10 days off is one of the four official festivals within the Gentse Feesten, which is the biggest city festival in Europe. The madness of this event draws the attention of millions of people from all over Europe. 10 days off can also count on many foreign visitors, including journalists rom several international magazines, from Japan to Brazil, the USA and of course Europe.”

meer info vind je hier

de data zijn vrijdag 16 juli en eindigt op maandag 26 juli.


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