OORWERK nodigt u uit voor de volgende concerten

OORWERK nodigt u uit voor volgende concerten:

Dinsdag 8 juni:
Movement of the Free Spirit, a new collaborative creation by lute player Jozef van Wissem and percussionist Eric Thielemans.
gallerij De Zwarte Panter, Hoogstraat 70-72 Antwerpen.
This concert will be live recorded for a future release. Dit concert wordt opgenomen voor een latere CD-uitgave.

Start: 20 u
inkom: €7

Woensdag 9 Juni:
Movement of the Free Spirit +  Daysuke Takaoka Solo
Artlab ZSenne, rue Anneessensstraat 2, Brussel, Belgie.

Start: 20 u
Inkom: €7


– OORWERK is a non profit organisation supporting Contemporary Aural Artists.- OORWERK is Jasper De Rycker and Eric Thielemans.

– OORWERK now manages, facilitates and produces works of Jozef Van Wissem, Peter Jacquemyn and Eric Thielemans.

eric thielemans bandcamp

– OORWERK just released Eric’s first full solo album. You can listen to the full tracks on Bandcamp where you can also buy the (flac-)album and individual tracks. Hard copies of this album will be available at OORWERK concerts, as well as a few record shops. More details soon.- Eric has just returned from a month-long tour in Japan with Daysuke. Visit Daysuke’s facebook page to watch some mesmerizing pics of this journey. More news and stories might follow… It was a very nice match, Eric’s music meeting the Japanese EAR. So nice that more Japanese stories aren’t totally unthinkable…to say the least.

jozef van wissem

– Jozef has already done a USA tour this year and has a second record out on Important Records.- Peter Jacquemyn leaves june 12th for a 3 week tour/festival Roaring Hooves. A meeting of (mostly) European improvisers and Mongolian folk and shaman musicians. Expect a new solo bass and voice release by Peter after the summer.Jasper De Rycker
manager OORWERK (Eric Thielemans, Jozef van Wissem, Peter Jacquemyn)
eindredacteur Kwadratuur.be


http://ubu.com/sound/van-wissem.html http://www.myspace.com/vanwissem



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