14tracks.com ‘Locked Onto Actress’

Net na zijn roemloze passage in de Café Capital, krijgen we nog eens op onze neus gedrukt wat de man echt kan. Een selectie bij 14tracks.com



“This time on 14tracks:
“14 tracks: locked onto Actress”
Darren Cunningham aka Actress is one of the UK’s most forward thinking producers. Over the last few years he’s been hard at work curating his influential Werk Discs and Thriller labels, besides running crucial dances in London and Glasgow with the likes of Kode 9 and the Numbers crew. You probably wouldn’t know this because he’s notoriously modest about his work, but with his new album ‘Splazsh’ creating considerable waves of interest from London to Germany to New York and beyond, it’s about time dues were paid. These 14 tracks dip into his small but brilliantly crafted catalogue, touching on influences from Terrence Dixon to Autechre, Prince to Drexciya and much further beyond. Cunningham’s music perfectly defines the mongrel aesthetic typical to the UK, soaking up styles and sub-genres with murkily fluid arrangements and a proper hi-tek soulboy’s sense of finesse. And this is no doubt just the beginning…” uittreksel website

Tijd voor revange, Yeehaa


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