SECT “Thieve $crilla”

Bij Little White Earbuds vond ik een download van deze  groep:

SECT met “Thieve $crilla”


“The Culprit imprint, founded by Droog in 2009, has focused on releases that explore their own vision of the West Coast sound, referencing both the freaky funk of labels like Dirtybird from San Fransico and the wooziness of the Brainfeeder camp stemming from the City of Angels. Their sixth release features SECT, a Culprit supergroup of sorts consisting of Sergio Santos, Eli Goldstien and Charles Levine of Soul Clap, and Tanner Ross of Voodeux. This self-described boy band delivers the smoldering funk by scrapping together a motorik beat out of gasps and filtered snaps that house a grizzly bass/synth duo. A surprisingly coherent blend of “Fly Like An Eagle” synth oscillations and a few reverberating dub chords round out the mix; together it evokes the irreverent but danceable styles of Pepe Bradock and Claude VonStroke at once. The bass line is the real star here, mutating from a marching snarl to a oil slick that is sure to drive dancers mad. Huge thanks to Culprit and SECT for sharing this devious tune.” uittreksel LWE

wonky funk, nice


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