Peter Van Hoesen mix bij Factmagazine

De Time To Express nieuwsbrief meldt ons dat er een Peter Van Hoesen Mix te verkrijgen is voor de volgende drie weken bij Factmagazine.

peter van hoesen

“Leading music & art website Fact is hosting an exclusive PVH mix for three weeks. It features tracks from Entropic City and the Variable Parts EP, as well as killer tunes by Perc, T++, Actress and Forward Strategy Group. More info and download link on the Fact page. ” nieuwsbrief Time To express

“Peter Van Hoesen is at the controls for FACT mix 153, and it’s one to cherish.Arguably the most exciting thing to come out of Brussels since JCVD, Van Hoesen debuted in 2006 with the Increments EP on Berlin’s Lan Muzic label, but over the past four years has moved away from the minimal sound associated with that label and instead cultivated his own deep but reliably bolshy techno style. This applies to his DJing as well: much to FACT’s delight, he’s a selector unafraid to explore higher BPMs and revel in the intensification of funk that they bring. At the risk of sounding like a middle-aged man in an Underground Resistance hoodie, this is proper techno we’re dealing with.…” uittreksel website Factmagazine

Get that!


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