History of the Detroit electronic Festival


Een boeiende geschiedenis van dit festival (het BEMF)


Put your hands up: An oral history of Detroit’s electronic music festival

“RA charts the trajectory of one of the most important events in the dance music calendar.

Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Focus Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Movement, Fuse-In, Movement. The festival that has occurred on Memorial Day weekend in Detroit at Hart Plaza centered around electronic music since 2000 has had many names. The story behind those names is just as complex as you might expect. It’s a tale of hope, despair, perseverance, backstage drama and, most of all, amazing music.

To explain the many twists and turns of the festival thus far, we turned to the people that were directly involved. Artists, promoters, city officials, journalists, more than 50 in all, presenting an oral history of Detroit’s electronic music festival.…”


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  1. “That’s the Way (I Like It)”

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