Actress @ Café Capital Antwerpen

Ook zondagavond/ nacht is er ook Subscape met Actress in de Café Capital in het stadpark te Antwerpen


Actress (Werk Discs, NonPlus, Honest Jon’s Records, UK)
Mck & Molte (Meakusma)
Will O’Brien

“is the artist alias of London’s Darren Cunningham, but he’s no diva: despite the praise the press has lavished on his music, he keeps his person out of the spotlight.If you’re looking for clues to his music, you’re better off starting with ‘Hazyville’, the title of his debut album. The record presents a landscape as blurry as its title, with house and hip-hop beats dissolving into a spray of bits and tape hiss. When ‘Hazyville’ came out in 2008, it sounded unlike anything else out there—you could hear echoes of the familiar (Moodymann, Jan Jelinek, ‘80s R&B, wonky), but it was spun into an uncanny kind of dreamstate.Cunningham also runs Werk Discs; the label had something of a hit in 2008 with Zomby’s ‘Where Were U in ‘92?‘, and its roster runs from the street-bass sounds of Philadelphia’s Starkey to the brilliant instrumental hip-hop of Lukid and Lone.” uittreksel Beatportal


Moeilijke keuze dus zondag


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