Dan Curtin Podcast bij LWE, uitgave Lifeblood en mix bij RCRDLBL

Een nieuwe podcast van Dan Curtin is te vinden bij Little White Earbuds

Dan Curtin


“Describing Dan Curtin’s sound is like attempting to pin down quicksilver — a satisfying definition always escapes just when you think you’ve grasped it. That’s due in part to the almost two decades the Cleveland native has spent making inscrutable techno for such labels as Peacefrog, Strictly Rhythm, Delsin, Tuning Spork, Klang Electronic, and more recently the Mobilee family, as well as his own Metamorphic Recordings imprint. But it’s also ingrained in Curtin’s tireless work ethic that finds him wholly interested in innovating his aesthetic, constantly pushing at the edges of timbre, tone and rhythm patterns to provide dedicated listeners with something new and ‘floor-worthy on each vinyl slab. So while few electronic dance producers write a single compelling longplayer, today sees the release of Curtin’s ninth, Lifeblood, on Mobilee. In anticipation of this achievement, we grabbed Dan for LWE’s 49th exclusive podcast — an hour of “Dirtysexxxy” house and techno, as he put it. Mr Curtin was also generous enough to answer a few of our questions about how his surroundings have impacted his sound, the importance of hip-hop, and his tireless thirst for sonic innovation.” lees het interview verder op de site.

Lifeblood Dan Curtin

‘Lifeblood’ is de naam van de nieuwe release van Dan Curtin bij Mobilee records: http://www.zero-inch.com/artist/Dan_Curtin/album/Lifeblood/147420

Een andere mix en gratis download vind je bij RCRDLBL




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