for Thierry by Sensu & Yves De Mey

A few days before our joint dj set at the Autechre afterparty, we present you with this mix, or rather compilation of tracks, to give you an idea of what kind of music might possibly show up in our set and also to promote this event that, in our view, brings together some very interesting people linked to the music scene in Brussels (and beyond obviously).Every Autechre release is always a happening and their new album Oversteps is already called a landmark addition to their already rich and diverse catalogue. Their recent mix for Fact Magazine once again showed the diversity of their influences. It is also our belief that influences should, at best, be broad. Yves De Mey and Sensu often have different musical connotations, but mutual respect and interest bridge gaps and make for unexpected confrontations.

This selection of music is dedicated to Thierry Berleur, who unexpectedly passed away last weekend. Up until 2008, Thierry was running the incredible Le Bonheur record shop in Brussels and has influenced tons of people with his unbridled enthusiasm and energy. His record shop was the last resort for people looking further than online shopping. An unparalleled selection of experimental music combined with a gentle absurdist spirit even made his shop an attraction for music lovers outside of Belgium.
Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones. It is with sadness but pride we dedicate this set to him.

Yves De Mey & Rafael Severi


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