14 tracks: Claro Intelecto | 14tracks


14 tracks: Claro Intelecto | 14tracks

“Mark Stewart has been releasing music as Claro Intelecto since 2002, influenced by his love of Depeche Mode, the Art of Noise, and the Artificial Intelligence of early Aphex Twin/ Warp releases. His debut twelve ‘Peace Of Mind’ tapped into an electronic soul variant situated somewhere between Hague-style arpegiated electro and more classic dancefloor stylings, providing a much needed burst of energy to a flagging IDM scene desperate for change. Ever since 2005’s ‘Patience’, and the following ‘Warehouse Sessions’, his releases have been largely aimed at the floor, with a production style familiar from Motor City and Chi-Town templates but with a distinctly rich, precise and incredibly warm palette of colours all his own. His ‘Metanarrative’ album released in 2008 delved into a more poppy slant, punctuated by a deep melodic melancholy that’s very much become a signature of sorts over the years. With a new twelve and a remix for Delphic out over the last couple of weeks we thought it high time we put together a selection of our favourite Claro Intelecto tracks released on Modern Love – from the timeless padded, building intensity of ‘Dependent’ through to the twisted Gamelan modification ‘Rise’, via the lilting introspection of ‘Harsh Reality’ and the soaring peaktime house of ‘Back In The Day’ – it’s an engrossing 100 minute trawl through a mighty catalogue of works from a true original.”


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