Berghain dj’s @Kozzmozz in de Vooruit 20/03


Kozzmozz: Saturday, March 20th 2010

@ Vooruit, Ghent

Line up:
Len Faki (Figure, Ostgut Ton, Cocoon, Berghain, Berlin)
Ben Klock (Ostgut Ton, Klockworks, Berghain, Berlin)
Oscar Mulero (Warm Up, Token, Tresor Rec, Madrid)
Kr!z (Token Rec, Kozzmozz, Bxl)
Seba Lecompte (Bang the Box, Manual Music, Decadance, Ghent)

“The Concept:

Berghain, both the club and the label, are beyond any doubt on the forefront of today’s techno scene. That’s why we are very proud to have no less than two of their residents on this edition of Kozzmozz.

Having moved to Berlin in 2002 Len Faki took a creative break in order to restart as a DJ and musician. He became a resident at Berghain and launched his new labels Figure and Podium on which he released a series of excellent 12“s. The highlights of his own output were ’Mekong Delta’ on Ostgut Ton and ’My Black Sheep’ on Podium. And now he’s just released the third Berghain compilation. Len Faki is no stranger when it comes to dancefloor burning techno. In Belgium he already played at I Love Techno and at Kozzmozz in 2005 and both his visits were very memorable. This year he’s back and he will deliver pounding beats and tear the roof down at Kozzmozz.

Berlin born DJ, producer and label owner Ben Klock is undoubtedly of the most influential players in recent Techno history. As a resident at Berghain he has been able to leave his mark on the club’s sound since its opening in 2004. But the relationship is mutual, as this space definitely had an influence on how Ben approaches dj-ing and producing as well. With his hypnotic, heavily grooving dj-sets and his tracks released on labels such as Ostgut Ton, Bpitch Control and his own imprint Klockworks, established in 2006, Klock managed to gain an excellent, international reputation.

The leading German techno jocks will be joined by a leading Spanish techno god, Oscar Mulero. The man behind the Warm Up label has been releasing a constant flow of records during the past years on labels such as Tresor Records, Minuendo Recordings, Zero Oscillator, Tsunami Records, Evidence Records, Emergence Records and Token Records from our resident Kr!z. And last year was an extra special year with the release a new Tresor Records mix CD, compiling some of the best gems from the label’s catalogue, as well as more new stuff from his label Warm Up next to celebrating his 20 years in the business.

Don’t miss out on this one because we can guarantee it will be a very special night again!” uittreksel nieuwsbrief

Met andere woorden een keure van Berliner Techno Dj’s komen naar deze Kozzmozz in de vooruit in Gent


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