Oorwerk presenteert “Insect performances” second performance saturday

koor insect

tekening van Wim Lots


Founded by Eric Thielemans to foster the life and work of multi-disciplined, genre-blending artists like himself OORWERK is a burgeoning guild of aural arts.

“Insect performances”

“In September 2009 I started with a selection of about twenty singers, performers and musicians for weekly experiments with the body and the voice at Zuidpool theatre in Antwerp. Idea was to seek out different forms of expression and energies through improvisation. We studied the body of the group (the chorus) and contrasted it with the body of the individual. Björn Schmelzer, Steve Dugardin and Geert Callewaert were invited to give specific workshops on voice techniques, MDB (some kind of body solfège) and old en new styles of group singing.
The following weeks, I will conduct and at the same time accompany the choir on extended schlagzeug for the two first public performances.” (Eric Thielemans)

second performance saturday

Saturday March 13th from 22h00 till 22h30 at deSingel during ‘Ars Musica’.

Insect is a joint collab between deSingel, Transparant and OORWERK

voila jasper en eric;-)

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