Cheats EP van Seb Steimel

Ergens op het forum van (minimal), vond een link naar een Australisch netlabel met name pinksilver, met een release van Seb Steimel. Ik probeerde de link terug te vinden maar het is me niet gelukt, anyway. De belangrijkste info heb ik hier.over de release schrijft men bij Pinksilver:

‘It’s evident by the track names that Seb Steimel has done his fair share of time behind PC Doom.
Seb has been part of the Pinksilver Family for quite sometime. We are happy to have a full EP front and centre for your dance floor pleasure. This 5 track release is accompanied by a heaving trademark techno remix courtesy of Melbourne’s Craig McWhinney.

01:: IDCHOPPERS (Chainsaw) A chainsaw is a portable mechanical, motorized saw. It is most commonly used in logging activities or chopping up human remains.
02:: IDCLEV (Warp To Level) Warp yarns are subjected to high dynamic forces during the shedding and beat-up. These forces yield tensions on the warp.
03:: IDDQD (Invincible) Invisible Shadows help us Navigate and Plan for Minimal Invasive Surgery.
04:: IDCLIP (Walk Thru Walls) There was an unmet demand inside him, a new, urgent need, which was none other than the need to walk through walls. He could certainly indulge this need…
05:: IDKFA (Kick Fukin’ Ass) A community of artists and those devoted to musical art being dance music in particular that of Techno, Avante techno, tech haus, deep haus and what ever genre you can think of really do Kick Fukin Arse!
06:: IDCHOPPERS (Craig McWhinney Rmx) A two-stroke chainsaw that tears & shreds through invisible walls, threatening to warp & explode through the dead of night.

cheats cover

Het is er eentje van 2008 maar nog steeds groovy

Pinksilver lijkt me trouwens een boeiend netlabel voor techno en minimal.

Ondertussen heeft Sebastiaan Steimel ook al een release uit bij Homemade, For a few barrels more ep, maar dat is niet meer gratis download, hoewel de hele release via soundcloud te beluisteren valt.

seb steimel homemade records homemade 'For a few barrels more' EP

For a few barrels more ep

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